What Clients Have All Ready Said....

Client names have been withheld.  Most comments were collected from student clinical surveys after our massage session.  

"OMG Magical!"


“I loved everything!”

“I really loved the scalp and foot massage, Ryan is super nice!”

“OMG, Magical!”

“I enjoyed the massage very much and I will come back”

“He was able to help with my shoulder pain”

“Loved the work on my hands and feet especially!  Wonderful session!”

“Ryan did a fantastic job on my hip flexors.  My whole body felt almost an instant relaxation.”

“Ryan is an amazing massage therapist.  I especially loved the work on my legs, he was so good I dozed off for a moment; I was that relaxed!”

“Great touch!  Neck stiffness before; zero neck stiffness after!”

“Great head, foot and hand work!”


“One of the best massages I’ve had!”

“Excellent Touch!”

“Ryan is amazing! Everything was just perfect, I really needed this today.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  He is confident and totally secure and clear on what he’s doing.  It was just great.  I don’t have a most liked thing because every time he switched to another area it was equally as great.  Thank you so much!”

“Excellent Therapist!  Doesn’t seem like student level which was a great quality session and very professional therapist!”

“I came in for relaxation and I had a severe migraine.  Leaving relaxed and no migraine anymore.  Overall one of the best I have yet!”

“Deep pressure, just what I asked for. Smooth transitions from one move to the other.  Great foot work!  If I had not known this was a student clinic I would not have known he wasn’t doing this for years”.

“Best Massage Yet!!”

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