Winter Session Coming to a Close

Winter session is coming to a close which also means so will my AP II class. In less than 2 weeks we’ll have our final exam then transition to Advanced Technique to start learning more advanced methods in massage now that we better understand our bodies, bones, muscles, cells, fibers and so much more…

I will say this; I will certainly miss this class. It gave me an appreciation and awareness for the human body I never had before. I wasn’t the quickest student in class – in fact it was challenging for me. But the understanding I now have of the human body is transforming and gives a new perspective on the way I approach massage and even life in general.

For example; lets dial it down to an individual cell that make up, well; everything! Cells are the fundamental units of life.

The number of bacteria we carry in and on our body actually vastly outnumber the number of cells we have in our body! We are always outnumbered and under attack! This requires our cells to be highly organized, healthy and with purpose and dedication to the cause. What’s the cause? Fighting the good fight! Without knowing or being aware of it, our cells are always fighting and defeating nasty bacteria, repairing injured tissue, multiplying, feeding, communicating, providing, healing and yes even teaching; there are even white blood cells being taught in tiny a white blood cell college!

Humans, when we take birth, actually start off as a single cell. Later, when we are born and when we grow, we have 37.2 trillion cells within us! That’s NOT including bacteria and microbes that reside inside and outside our body!

So what do I take from all this? I am one of an estimated 7.6 billion humans on this planet at the moment. For me (or any of us) to come to a thought that we don’t have purpose or we exist for no reason seems ludicrous. We each absolutely have purpose and not only do we have purpose, there are others who depend on us to help meet THEIR higher purpose! Down to the single cell that I depend on to repair a scratch on my pinky finger, we too have a specific purpose in this crazy jungle we live in. Maybe that’s part of our purpose – to figure that out and then DO THAT THING! Once we are off and running fulfilling our “cellular” task in this life how great is the reward when we see how much we are benefiting others, healing others, teaching others, helping others and serving others and fighting the good fight!

I’ll close with something that’ll blow your mind: Here’s a picture showing a side by side comparison between a tiny brain cell (only micrometers wide) and a massive galaxy in the universe (billions of light years wide) the similarities are remarkable!

Now…sit with THAT thought for a while. :)

"Everything you'll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body." Dan Millman

Yes this will be a class I will truly miss. Thank you Dr. Dan!

Be gentle on yourself,


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