Last Session :(

I can't believe it's almost a year from my first blog entry. We just finished up our Myofascial Release course with Bert Davich; it was an extraordinary class! Truly took the principles learned from AP to a different level. To realize it wasn't until recently the medical community discovered that our myofascial layers are actually an organ, and the largest organ of our body at that! And if that isn't mind altering enough, it is also believed to be s major connective tissue that plays an important part of connecting ... well everything! Working with just the top layers beneath our skin can offer many pain relieving benefits without an evasive deep touch method that some don't prefer. I certainly will be using many of the tools provided us in this class going forward. Below are some of the Myo maniacs I had the fortunate opportunity to learn from....

Alas we have entered now into our final session....Business with Trish Kowalski. This class certainly isn't what I had in mind a business class would be. Then again, I didn't have any of this in mind!

The first week we created "Vision Boards", here's mine:

The idea behind it is to have a vision and focus on it. Always keep it in mind and be thinking about it. You become what you think. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it; “The ancestor of every action is … thought.”.

There were a couple moving moments as well. One of the opportunities I missed out on at this school is to participate in the Cancer Clinic. I was accepted, only I couldn't because it conflicted with work. Having family members who battled with cancer, I really wanted to be involved in this. Because Trish also heads this Cancer Clinic, she frequently brought in a couple of her cancer patients to participate with us in class. It offered me the chance to be a part of this program even if it was in small limited pieces. I am grateful.

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