Last Clinical Session :(

Well it came to a close last Sunday; my LAST clinical session with The Healing Arts Center (HAC).  Of all the training provided by this school, I’ve learned the most; hands down (no pun intended) through working in this clinic.  It was the most rewarding experience ever.  Though it was hard work and there were a few moments that made me a nervous wreck – it was here I learned the most and the most effective way to serve.  I absolutely enjoyed every minute, except for the minute last Sunday where I took my last steps out of that office.  I will miss this place of healing.

Some notable comments about my last day at clinic….

My very FIRST massage at the school was with my colleague Alex.  I remember that first day, both of us nervous and feeling awkward.  But we learned a lot together, both about massage technique and each other.

My very LAST massage client at the school….ended with my first, also Alex!  I found it ironic my clinic supervisor decided to assign me Alex, who came in to fill in as a client for another student who didn’t have her student license yet.  Unfortunately she couldn’t make class so he was stuck with me instead.  An absolutely perfect way to end the session.  Alex is one to keep an eye on, he’s going to go far in this craft. 

Each client we are assigned is requested to fill out a review on our work.  Among several questions; for example, did we help them meet their goal?  Did we exercise proper draping technique? And any other comments they wish to make.  It was rewarding and satisfying to receive a review on my last clinical session saying nothing else but….. “Best Massage Yet!!”

So to look back at my FIRST day at clinic and my thoughts at that time

.... to my LAST day of clinic signing the student clinic table.  A ritual graduates get to do on their last day...

Only 2 more days left of Business Class….

Then the infamous MBLEx; a state licensing exam scheduled for Nov 7….

Then my new journey begins.

I am grateful.

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