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"If You Fall, I'll Be There" ~Earth

With the sub-zero temperature and the beautiful snow we’re enjoying this week I thought maybe it would be good to take a break from Anatomy and Physiology class to talk about GROUNDING! So one of the emphases at The Healing Art Center is the use of earthing mats or grounding mats.

The school uses them on every massage table for every client. They are made available for every student to use during various classes. You’ll often see instructors at the front of the classrooms standing on one as they lead their students.

I’ll admit, the first day of class back in October I was unsure what they were and how they were to be used? They were neatly laid out and made available for each student. An electrical wire fastened to it and extended out to a power supply that was plugged into the wall. I thought at first if I touched it I would get zapped or maybe it was a newly designed heating pad to warm our feet? (The heating pad certainly sounds inviting for classes right now!) It was interesting as other students walked in to watch their reaction. I chickened out; I waited to see what the others would do since I never heard of earthing mats before. As others came in and we talked about what they were for I decided why not, what’s it going to hurt? So I laid it under my cushion and sat my butt on it; then watched as the others put their feet on it or positioned it under their legs, or… what was the correct method of using these damn things!!??

Then our instructor Oscar entered, took his shoes off and sat on his chair then positioned his feet over the mat and proceeded to welcome us. It was funny to watch us all remove the position we originally had it, our legs, butts, ect… and position them correctly under our feet. We were never forced to use them. We were never made to feel less if we didn’t use them. They were simply made available for us. In time we were taught what they were used for by the school and we were encouraged to use them for the benefit of our clients and those we were working on. The benefit? Wait what benefit?

Having worked with my father rewiring our house and a couple apartment complexes he use to maintain, I knew enough about electricity that these things aren’t giving off any! I mean they are only plugged into that one little hole in the electrical socket; it didn’t have the two prongs that connect to the electrical source running into the home! What kind of benefit could these plastic sheets of nothing possibly give? I like to think I’m an open person. I welcome new ideas, thoughts and theories. I sometimes crave learning about new things, researching and understanding ALL the things! So I gave these mats a few weeks…I only used them at school and I’m telling you, I felt nothing. I really expected a lot more with as much importance the school placed on them? Not even a hint of static electricity in my hair! I honestly didn’t even know what I was suppose to expect out of them? So being the curious cat that I am I went to my vast library for resources: This is what I learned:

Just like an electric plug connecting a television to a power supply, earthing mats work best in connecting your body with the earth. Earth contains electrons that your body needs to function properly, and the only way to achieve this is to step outside, walk barefoot on the grass or anything you consider an earth surface. I’d suggest you go and try it now but our bare feet might not respond well to the frozen ground if you live near me in the Midwest, wait a couple months.

Earth's electrons are proven to contain antioxidant effects meant to protect your body from inflammation. By stepping on the earthing mat you freely receive both the positive and the negative electrons directly from the earth that is vital for our body’s functionality. Other benefits include:

  • Improve immune response to injury

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Reduces snoring

  • Vital for adrenal health

  • Improves blood flow

  • Quality sleep

Okay, to be honest; my eyes glazed over those benefits until I saw “Quality Sleep”! For that alone I had to find out! Working for the USPS and going to night class 3X a week and clinic every other week; sleep has become a long lost friend I use to enjoy. Being slightly skeptical, I needed to find out for myself if this was for real but there was no way I was going to pay for a grounding mat just to be taken! I decided to make my own! I mean how hard could it be? You just needed electrical conducive material. So I dug out some old screen wire I had rolled up sitting in the basement, of course duct tape because well; duct tape, and I ripped out the wiring from an old broken lamp, snipped off the two electrical prongs leaving only the one ground prong to plug into the ground hole in the wall and then pieced it all together. Done…now to test it using science!

(My home-made grounding mat after months of use - Dog sold separately)

I dusted off my voltage meter (that I never use) and went to work. I plugged the mat into the ground hole in the wall. (Stepped back a bit just in case it blew up on me) Put the mat on the floor and turned my volt meter on and set it to measure volts. Before I stepped on the mat I held the volt meter prongs between two fingers and measured 0.671 milli-volts running through my body. I always knew I had an electric personality! If I touched a lamp or held an electrical device it jumped up to 6-7 volts going through my body! Now while still holding the prong on the meter, I positioned my barefoot on top of the grounding mat I had made while plugged into the ground in the wall and the meter dropped down to 0.000 instantly! It totally grounded all the electrical volts that were running through my body just a few seconds ago! It worked! I think I was more excited I actually built something that worked!

It was the evidence I needed to test it more. I placed it under the fitted sheet of my mattress, turned out the light and went to sleep. The results…

1. I felt as if I fell asleep quicker

2. When I woke, I felt like I got more quality sleep than ever before!

I was sold. I drank the cool-aid, bought the shirt and became a believer and have been sleeping on it ever since (as you can tell by its mangled appearance) For me, it helps me sleep. If I’m also benefiting from the other bullet points above, kudos to me!

The point is, it's free and its always available just right outside our door even if you don’t want to purchase or make one. Health experts recommend it, users find its results quite astounding, and studies prove it works, why not?

A quick video that explains earthing better than my rambling....

Another video (longer) that shows a dude doing the same thing I did in measuring the volts. (Except he didn't seem to possess the crafting skills I had in making one!)

Be Gentle With Yourself!

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