Session III - Advance Technique

Session III started this week with the beginning the Advanced Technique course and a continuation of clinical work. After being away from massage technique for 10 weeks I’m excited to get back into the practice and learning more massage magic! Don’t get me wrong, Anatomy and Physiology was and continues to be important to learn, master and understand otherwise I have absolutely no business trying to even massage my own big toe! (Sorry Dr. Dan, I meant my own hallux)

Advanced Technique started with the introduction of using a massage chair...

Up until now we’ve been using only tables. I came into class confident this was going to be easy since my teacher gave me an opportunity a few weeks go to volunteer at a chair massage event.

He gave me a crash course and each massage was only 10 minutes long. It was an amazing experience. However, being away from the practice I found myself rusty and out of step due to having to approach everything differently with the upright angle of the chair and no gliding strokes. Lesson learned, don’t be cocky!

Coincidentally, I was also surprised this week by my dear sister with her mad-skills in finding used treasure on the internet; she had found me a used professional massage chair at great price! Only used twice! This is exciting for me especially because my mother has a difficult time getting on and off a massage table; chairs are another option for people with those types of issues. I’m excited I’ll be able to practice on my mother again.

I return to clinical work this week as well. This has been not only therapeutically beneficial for me in growing to reach my higher self, but is giving me deeper insight in people and my approach to massage by getting to work with the public. My teacher always reminds us in class, “these are living and breathing diaries”, not just a mass of muscle and bones on the table for me to try and manipulate. Breathing with them, connecting with them, working together and understanding the soles of their feet have walked miles upon miles. The burdens they have carried on their shoulders. The weight their spine has endured. Even the emotional pains and worries that sit with us in various locations of our systems need to be visited and evaluated together. I’m learning that alone, it’s impossible for me to be an effective massage therapist. But if I can help the person on the table feel comfortable, let go of their worries and cares for just 50 minutes and work together “with” me as we together approach these complex but yet simple human body systems; we both can then learn together what the body is trying to tell us and approach the massage dance together.

Week two of Advance Technique starts Monday with Reiki!

Be gentle on yourself

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