1st Day of Clinical Work!

It started! They decided to throw me to the wolves.... or in this case the public. I began clinical work at the The Healing Art Center and had my first couple of real clients!

My first client, we'll call "Bob" was a kind older gentleman. We were taught to pay attention and be aware of our clients and in doing so I noticed he walked slow, hunched over a bit showing the results of hard work through out his years. He received assistance from his wife as she helped him undress and lay down on the table. I was of course nervous but excited to start and really wanted to help "Bob" receive a great massage! I've been well taught by excellent instructors and they were all great at giving us tools and empowering us with confidence and eagerness to begin this journey. I was ready. At least I thought.

"Bob" shared with me he was a graduate from this same school. My first thought was "Oh great, more pressure!". However I was comforted by his encouragement and support as we got started. I think he threw me a bone knowing this was my first massage.

I began connecting with "Bob"; feeling his energy which was clear to me this was a vessel with many years of knowledge, experience and hard work. I felt honored that my first ever client was with "Bob". As I began working with "Bob" it was interesting to me that his muscles seemed very strong. I will admit I was a bit apprehensive about starting too deep. He could feel my apprehension and reminded me he likes his massages deep. I worked and worked with "Bob" deeper and much harder than I ever had during the prior 10 weeks of technique class with much younger students! He gave me a work out!

Lesson learned with "Bob": Don't be squeamish even when you think you need to go in light. Most clients like a deep tissue massage. Go for it!

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